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Expert Aluminium Procurement Solutions For Your Company

We solve your challenges with prices, quantities and import restrictions. Your solutions from one source.

You are looking for an aluminium manufacturer. The question you should ask yourself: Can they solve your current challenges in aluminium procurement? You want to cover your aluminium requirements reliably and cost-effectively.

Therefore you want to work with a partner who meets exactly these qualifications. And who also has years of experience, so that you can effectively take a shortcut to your procurement goals.

Why you should choose Steel & More as your procurement partner for aluminium

Since you have already read this far, we can assure you that you have already made the right choice.

You can find out here why aluminium procurement with Steel & More can become easier for you from today.

The complete aluminium procurement consultancy from one source

Processes and supply chains in aluminium procurement can be long and confusing. With Steel & More you take a shortcut. Because we do not only take care of the best price for you.

We also advise you on the material you need. Clarify delivery times for you. Or find rare products. Clarify countries of origin. Import restrictions. Or customs formalities.

Our procurement experts answer all your questions quickly and promptly. From start to finsih.

Arrange Your callback 

We call you back quickly and for free.

What happens next?

One of our experts will contact you by phone or email to make an appointment with you. During this short meeting we will also ask you a few questions about your current procurement challenges. You can be sure that this will make the whole process much easier for you.

Aluminium Purchasing and Ordering

After detailed consultation you place your aluminium order with us. But we will not leave you alone afterwards. Steel & More keeps you up to date throughout the entire ordering and procurement process. Continuous communication with you as a customer is an essential part of our services.

We go the extra mile for you. And work with you on your success.

Quality in aluminium production

Your material will be produced as soon as we receive your order. Steel & More only works with selected aluminium manufacturers. We make our selection according to strict quality guidelines. Because you can always expect quality from your goods.

To ensure that our guidelines are met, our CEO and our purchasing team travel the world all year round. They meet suppliers, negotiate prices and check the quality of the aluminium products and the manufacturing process for you.

Safety and security in aluminium transport

We obtain your goods all over the world. Therefore, the majority of the aluminium is shipped by ships and seaworthy containers. Selected logistics partners ensure that your goods reach their port of destination safely and on time. In addition, we always ensure that your aluminium is adequately insured.

This is a matter of course for us. Because you and we can only be satisfied if the goods arrive in perfect condition.

Import and delivery in the destination country

The import of aluminium is not difficult. If you know what you are doing. And what set screws you have to turn. Of course we support you in this. So that you are not faced with unexpected challenges. This support begins even before the order.

We check import restrictions, import duties and other legal conditions for aluminium for you. So that there are no unpleasant surprises during delivery. We guide you through the entire import process.

For you everything should run as smoothly as possible.

Conclusion and solution for you

You need a reliable partner for consulting, procurement and delivery of aluminium products from overseas. With Steel & More you have this partner at your side.

Already in the consulting phase we ensure that the purchase and import of aluminium is worthwhile for you. And we help you throughout the entire procurement process.

In this way you create free resources in your company. These can then be used in a more targeted manner. With our strong global network of partners, you have the right people at your side to help your company grow.

You also reduce uncertainties and risks in purchasing. In addition, you benefit from our low and absolutely competitive prices.

Take advantage of our exclusive and unique service for your company and yourself in the procurement of aluminium products. Let us convince you. Set us your challenges and arrange your callback now.

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