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Steel & More Universal Trading Limited
Who we are

Exceptional solutions

Steel & More Universal Trading Limited across-the-board metal business offers you outstanding solutions. Do you need a reliable supply of large quantities of stainless steel, aluminium, copper or galvanized steel, no matter the location? Steel & More Universal Trading Limited will do more than just find you the best possible price — we will take care of the entire process from start to finish. We work to find the ideal solution for our customers. With us, you’ll always be in good hands when it comes to the steel trade. Call us today and see for yourself.

One step ahead of the market

Metal trading is our passion. We meet the challenges of the international metal business every single day. Steel & More Universal Trading Limited has had close ties to the world of steel, aluminium and copper for years. We use our extensive network of contacts to buy and sell metal products worldwide. For quality consciousness, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the metal market, you can rely on Steel & More Universal Trading Limited.

Metal Experts

Steel & More Universal Trading Limited has composed an exclusive team of specialists in the international metal trade. Together, we sell tens of thousands of tonnes of metal every year with a turnover reaching tens of millions of dollars. Our focus is on high-grade stainless steel, aluminium, copper and galvanized steel products. You’ll find coils, sheets, strips, pipes, bars and profiles in our exclusive metal portfolio.

Your benefits with Steel & More

  • We have access to all relevant sources
  • We are represented in all relevant markets
  • Whether full quotas or AD duties, we always deliver
  • From the order to the delivery, we take care of everything!
  • We have all the relevant information on every market movement
  • Large network of experts for everything to do with stainless steel, aluminium, copper or galvanized steel
  • Short decision-making processes for all topics
  • Strict quality policy in purchasing
  • Continuous customer information
  • You can reach us via email and telephone
  • We monitor the correct preparation of all relevant import documents
  • You will receive application advice from us if required
  • Customer-oriented solutions in case of complaints
  • Assistance in the event of transport damage
  • Up-to-date tracking of every shipment
  • All deliveries are always sufficiently insured
  • We take care of the right protection (packaging etc.) of the goods
  • We take care of the complete logistics: customs clearance, unloading of the containers, return of the containers on time, quick acceptance of the containers in the port, loading on trucks, monitoring of the deadlines