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For more than 20 years the founder of Steel & More has been looking for the best ways to offer our customers stainless steel and many other metal products at excellent prices. His passion is not only to deliver the product, but to provide people a comprehensive service that is otherwise not available in the industry. Because a good product is a prerequisite. The product is interchangeable. It is the unique service that sets us apart from the competition and will always distinguish us. And that is our central motivation every day. We create lasting value for our customers through our passion. Because we always go one step further.

Your opportunity

When you start a business with Steel & More, you have the potential to generate a substantial income stream while having the time and freedom to live your life according to your dreams.

Your Benefits

With Evermore you have unique advantages at your disposal. You can only get them from us. And are unique in the entire metal world. These advantages and tools set you apart directly from your competitors. Your earning potential is therefore theoretically unlimited.

What it Takes

Evermore is committed to your success - and that means giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to become an entrepreneurial personality. It's hard work too! See what it takes.

Why Evermore?

Expertly designed for the specific use you require.

So versatile that everyone needs and uses it without thinking about it.

Easier and faster to implement than any franchise.

And everything comes from one source?

Sounds rather unlikely, doesn’t it? But these are exactly the advantages that Evermore Business Owners enjoy with Steel & More.

Every strategic and market-relevant metal – because our company founder spent decades selecting the best products and services: Stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and copper. And if you need something that is not up to standard, we can get it for you.

Incredibly versatile – because metal products are found in almost everything we use every day – cars, packaging, bridges, buildings, computers or smartphones. The market for them is huge.

Better services than any other – because this is the best way to stand out from the competition. The product is interchangeable. But the service is not. The customer experience must always be unique.

Less effort – because you only have to concentrate on selling. Everything else is taken care of by the EBO headquarters at Steel & More. Procurement, marketing, leads, training, consulting. You sell. We do the rest.