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Metal Reseller: How to Become an Evermore Business Owner 1

Become an exclusive reseller now

You want more success, revenue and time? We will show you how to successfully build up a company in the metal trade.

Be one of the winners
in your industry

You are already an entrepreneur or salesman and would like to finally live and work freely and self-determined? Or want to take off in the trade of metals?

Just imagine what it would be like if you could enter a growth market with an existing system…


With the support of a strong community of entrepreneurs – because there you can work together for success…


With the advantage of a large purchasing power – because you no longer have to negotiate purchase prices alone…


With the advantage of the positive group dynamic – because you can drive each other to peak performance…


With the advantage of a theoretically unlimited income – because it depends only on your commitment and hard work to succeed…

Sounds too easy to be true? But with an exclusive reseller partnership and the international company Steel & More, it’s possible.

What’s the System?
You get your answer directly here…

Discover your opportunities with the Evermore Business Owner Partnership

At Evermore, you as an entrepreneur are the focus of attention. You are our local distributor on site. You take care of the sales. Steel & More takes care of the procurement.

We at Steel & More market and procure products made of stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized steel and copper worldwide.

Evermore is NOT a franchise system. It focuses on the local entrepreneur in your country. We know the international markets for metal goods like the back of our hand. As an Evermore Business Owner, you know the local people and their needs and wishes. Together we can combine these.

And, of course, we won’t leave you alone. Because only together is the Evermore Business Owner community strong. That’s why we give you everything you need to make your start as an Evermore Business Owner as easy as possible.

How to gain an unfair advantage in business and over your competitors

And why you should start now before your competitors do…

9 unique advantages
that you only get from us

  • You get the education and sales training from us
  • You receive a complete marketing strategy
  • You can be supported with new customer leads
  • You have access to our entire product portfolio
  • You can simply start
  • You become part of a strong community of entrepreneurs
  • You have the advantage of a large purchasing volume
  • You can benefit from the positive group dynamics
  • You have the opportunity to build up a theoretically unlimited income

How to get started
quick and easy

  • You need a portion of courage
  • The desire to achieve more
  • The readiness to work hard
  • A computer or laptop with internet access
  • A telephone
  • A medium five-digit sum for the entry (What do you need the money for: For the first order of material, to sell it to your customers)
  • An import licence (Here we can support you through our existing contacts in logistics)
  • An own company

Why you should become an exclusive Reseller now

  • You can choose your market
  • The earlier you start, the faster you can increase your sales
  • Finally live your dream of a free and self-determined life
  • First come, first served

When you should become an exclusive Reseller

  • You are ready to work hard for your dream
  • You are not afraid to pick up the phone and call the next customer
  • You see opportunities where others look away

When NOT TO BECOME an exclusive Reseller

  • You are not interested in hard work and are only looking for the easy way
  • You are afraid of selling or do not want to answer the phone
  • If you find more reasons not to do something than ways to do it

Here is the perfect solution
if you want to enter the metal market

Our proven products that could be sold in your country
– because there is a huge demand for them in the import market…

Stainless Steel

Over 53 million tons of stainless steel were produced, sold and traded worldwide in 2019. Stainless steel is an incredibly versatile product. And it is not only found in household appliances, in medicine, architecture and in the automotive and aviation industries. A wide range of products is available to our customers here. Coils, sheets, tubes, rods, profiles and angles. A market on course for growth.


Aluminium is the most commonly occurring metal in the world. This makes it an easy material to extract and process. In 2019, more than 123 million tonnes of aluminium products were produced worldwide. Its main use is in the manufacture of cans, foil, kitchen utensils, window frames and aircraft parts. We offer attractive products for this huge market. Especially coils, sheets, bars and profiles.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is an alternative for many applications where stainless steel would otherwise have to be used. The material has a durability of up to 70 years. It is successfully used in the construction industry, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and many other sectors. Galvanized steel is cost-efficient and is frequently used, especially in emerging markets. In addition to the well-known products such as coils and sheet metal, we also have many other products in our range.


Copper is primarily used in electrical equipment, such as cables and motors. It is also used in construction and industrial machinery. The annual production of copper in 2019 was over 21 million tons. Production is to be increased to over 28 million tons by 2028. It is one of the more valuable metals on the market. In addition to coils and sheets, our portfolio also includes cables, rods and many other copper products.

You are only one click away. Are you in?

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