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Your Evermore Business Opportunity

As an independent Evermore Business owner, you can build your own career. Without having to give up the important things in life.

Be your own boss

Become an independent entrepreneur yourself. You have the freedom to create your own schedule. To work from where you want. And to achieve what you want.

Great earning potential

The harder you work, the more earning opportunities you have. We do not limit your income. We just give you guidelines and suggestions on your selling prices. Everything else is up to you.

The right product

In our portfolio we have the right product for almost every need in stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel and copper. So you can start directly.

Tools and education

We place our knowledge and tools, accumulated over decades, at your disposal. Learn online how easy it is to bring knowledge and tools into harmony. You will have everything you need for your success.

Complete marketing concept

We have the complete marketing package for you. We focus almost exclusively on current and innovative online marketing in your target market.

New leads automated

You need new leads? Then we generate fully automated online prospective customers for you. Our system allows us to supply you with new contacts on a continuous basis.

Import with system

Importing metals is difficult? Not with us. We have been doing this for decades. With system. We help your customers and you to import successfully. Reliably and safely.

Hard work

There is no question that this is hard work. Success does not come overnight. That should be obvious to everyone. But together we can make it happen. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!

Global Family

Be part of the ever growing worldwide Steel & More family. Work together for your success. Fight your way to the top together.

Your Benefits

With Evermore you have unique advantages at your disposal. You can only get them from us. And are unique in the entire metal world. These advantages and tools set you apart directly from your competitors. Your earning potential is therefore theoretically unlimited.

What it Takes

Evermore is committed to your success - and that means giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to become an entrepreneurial personality. It's hard work too! See what it takes.

Become an Evermore Business Owner

To become an Evermore Business Owner, you can apply here. One of our EBO managers will contact you shortly. You are only one click away.

These revenues are not representative of the average participants. The average subscriber earns significantly less or no money with this product or service.