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Steel & More Universal Trading Ltd.

We sell and supply stainless steel
in various grades and dimensions around the world

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Exceptional solutions

Steel & More Universal Trading Limited across-the-board steel business offers you outstanding solutions. Do you need a reliable supply of large quantities of stainless steel, no matter the location? Steel & More Universal Trading Limited will do more than just find you the best possible price — we will take care of the entire process from start to finish. We work to find the ideal solution for our customers. With us, you’ll always be in good hands when it comes to the steel trade. Call us today and see for yourself.
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One step ahead of the market

Steel trading is our passion. We meet the challenges of the international steel business every single day. Steel & More Universal Trading Limited has had close ties to the world of steel for years. We use our extensive network of contacts to buy and sell steel worldwide. For quality consciousness, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the stainless steel market, you can rely on Steel & More Universal Trading Limited.

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Stainless Steel Experts

Steel & More Universal Trading Limited has composed an exclusive team of specialists in the international steel trade. Together, we sell tens of thousands of tonnes of steel every year with a turnover reaching tens of millions of dollars. Our focus is on high-grade stainless steel. You’ll find coils, sheets, strips, pipes, bars and brackets in our exclusive steel portfolio.