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Your opportunity: Stainless steel from Asia

There is no doubt that the Asian region is indispensable as a country of production and origin of stainless steel.

It is not uncommon to find production facilities there, some of which are more modern than the machines in the countries that used to be considered market leaders in the stainless steel sector.

Moreover, it is prices in Asia that are much more quickly oriented towards the market than, for example, European prices.

Thus, there is a realistic price level in Asia much faster than in other regions.

You as an entrepreneur know the problem

You want to buy stainless steel at the best price. But you always miss the right moment. And then buy in such large quantities that liquidity suffers.

Your solution:

Buy medium quantities. This way you can relieve the uncertainty of the market.

Instead of repeatedly collecting quantities to enforce the corresponding conditions with producers, we recommend reducing the associated price risk by regularly buying average quantities.

Our customers receive just as good or even better conditions through our package volume as if they had repeatedly placed large quantities themselves at a high level of their own risk.

Asia is the market for the purchase of stainless steel! Growing markets. Modern production facilities. Prices that are much faster in line with market developments than in Europe, for example.

The stainless steel market in Asia is moving at a price level closer to reality than in other regions of the world. Price movements are often slower there.

But how do I find the right supplier there now?

We can help you with this challenge. We have known the Asian stainless steel market for decades. We maintain long-term partnerships with our suppliers. This means that they minimize their risks and do not have to go down new and painful paths.

Through our large network we buy worldwide. At excellent conditions and prices – you as a customer benefit from this!

We can inform you about the current prices and delivery conditions at any time. Just contact us.

We monitor the entire order. From start to finish. We take care of the correct delivery dates, track the shipping times and inform you of all relevant data.

Today, quality is no longer a one-time selling proposition. We assume that. Our partners know it and we enforce this high quality standard.

Are you looking for a special solution to a problem? We will take on this challenge for you. To your complete satisfaction.

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Our offer to you


Stainless Steel Coils


Stainless steel sheets and plates


Stainless Steel Pipes and Tubes


Stainless steel bars and rods


Stainless steel angles


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Global Purchasing

Through our network, we offer you the possibility to buy all over the world.

Long-term partnerships with suppliers!

Make use of our longstanding and proven supplier partnerships! This minimizes risks and eliminates the need to take new and painful paths.


TOP manufacturer's conditions

You benefit immediately from our conditions with the manufacturers, which we have acquired through years of partnership!


Always up-to-date information

Would you like to be kept up to date with price list and stock shipments? Please contact us!



We monitor the entire order for you, from the beginning. We remind you of on-time delivery dates, track navigation times and inform you of all relevant data.



Today, quality is no longer a unique selling proposition. You assume that! Our demand for quality is very high. Our partners have also internalized this demand and meet it.


Solution oriented

Are you looking for the special solution to a problem? We will fulfill your challenge to your complete satisfaction!

Your opportunity: Stainless Steel from Asia 1
Your opportunity: Stainless Steel from Asia 2

Steel & More Universal Trading Ltd.

We sell and supply stainless steel
in various grades and dimensions around the world

Your opportunity: Stainless Steel from Asia 3

Exceptional solutions

Steel & More Universal Trading Limited across-the-board steel business offers you outstanding solutions. Do you need a reliable supply of large quantities of stainless steel, no matter the location? Steel & More Universal Trading Limited will do more than just find you the best possible price — we will take care of the entire process from start to finish. We work to find the ideal solution for our customers. With us, you’ll always be in good hands when it comes to the steel trade. Call us today and see for yourself.
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One step ahead of the market

Steel trading is our passion. We meet the challenges of the international steel business every single day. Steel & More Universal Trading Limited has had close ties to the world of steel for years. We use our extensive network of contacts to buy and sell steel worldwide. For quality consciousness, technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the stainless steel market, you can rely on Steel & More Universal Trading Limited.

Your opportunity: Stainless Steel from Asia 5

Stainless Steel Experts

Steel & More Universal Trading Limited has composed an exclusive team of specialists in the international steel trade. Together, we sell tens of thousands of tonnes of steel every year with a turnover reaching tens of millions of dollars. Our focus is on high-grade stainless steel. You’ll find coils, sheets, strips, pipes, bars and brackets in our exclusive steel portfolio.

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